• Welcome to Mfundi Highlands Lodge
    Welcome to Mfundi Highlands Lodge
Our main lodge is built of local stone and wood with marvellous views over the lakes and pastures land that up the estate.

Nestled in the cool hills of the Southern Highlands, surrounded by pristine ancient forests and rolling tea plantations, Mufindi is the perfect break from the dust and heat of a safari.


It simply isn't possible to be bored in Mufindi! The wonderfully warm and welcoming hosts will enroll you from the start in horse-riding, fishing, tennis, croquet, cycling and much much more.

Guest Reviews

  • The best family vacation - with total relaxation! We were just blown away by this place. The total freedom to move around and explore was amazing. Our favourite things were: the symphony of birdsong in the mornings and evenings, the horses grazing freely on the fields in front of the lodge, the flowering trees, the croquet pitch in the secret garden full of flowers, the attentive and welcoming staff,... Read More

    Jessica Olsen

    Trip Advisor

  • Beautiful place with wonderful activities Stayed here some days with the family. Fantastic, welcoming staff and great hearty food. English breakfasts and teatime with cake. Horse riding in tea plantations and gum tree forests, with lovely guides. Grass tennis, badminton, pool table and a croquet lawn. Lakes for fishing. Beautiful gardens and free roaming horses. The cabins were clean and cosy, one with an open fireplace. All in all,... Read More


    Trip Advisor

  • Beyond perfect! No words to express this place, it’s like mini Europe in Tanzania. A great place to relax and spend your holiday, away from the city life, with some fresh air! Super clean rooms, amazing service, kind and helpful staff. Food was delicious, served with desserts after meals. To enjoy the views more, recommended time is to go during spring season.


    Trip Advisor

  • My favourite place in all of Tanzania. Rustic, peaceful, charming. Lovely highlands climate that allows for fires in the hearth every evening and pleasant outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and horseback riding.

    Mona-Liza Lottering

    Google Reviews

When to Visit

The highlands are accessible year round. The ‘dry’ season is from May to November with heavy short rain from November to February followed by the long rains from February onwards. Being at an altitude of 6oooft, the temperatures are cool in the early morning and evenings, and nightime frost is not unheard of in June/July.