• The Highlands
    The Highlands

Southern Highlands

The cool clear high altitude air, freedom to roam and cultural interaction all add a new dimension to a safari holiday to Tanzania.


The farm began in 1986 as a parcel of land totally undeveloped; over time the land has been changed into a working farm with the addition of the Lodge in 1997. The company began its operations during the socialist era where food had to be home grown hence the variety of farming managed together with the processing of meats and dairy for use throughout the companies other Camps and Lodges.


The Southern Highlands are part of the East Arc Rift valley and the rolling hilly landscape is testament to that. The Lodge is 10km (as the crow flies) from the Rift Valley escarpment a 2000ft drop to flat land below. The area is covered with tea plantations interspersed with darker green natural rain forest home to monkeys and birds, most audibly the Livingstone’s Turraco.

Local Area

The area is predominantly tea growing, but there is also a significant amount of subsistance agriculture in the villages.  Traditional skills such as brick making, pit sawing, and basket weaving are evident as you wander through the villages.

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